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A Sunday Drive in the country

We get up on a Sunday morning about 9 am and we get ourselves dressed for the day. We make plans for that Sunday Drive in the Country together. We stop first to pick up some breakfest sandwiches and our coffee on the go. Then we start our trip. We are driving thru a country road and take a smell from our windows of our green van and what do we smell some good old Tim Hortons steeped tea brewing it must be time to stop as we look at our watch well yes its Lunch time we must stop and eat our soup and sandwich here. We get out of the van and reach for the door of Tim Hortons where we meet our friends the Michels and the Frandstoffs eating there favorite and soup and sandwich delights. Hey guys we say with a cheer can we join you and so they say sure come on over join us for a little break off the hot road. Well after getting our goods and eating them we are off to the country roads of Southern Ontario. Stopping to visit all our friends that we meet on Sunday in all the Tim Hortons along the way. Its nice to spend time on country roads listening to our country radio station and being free from hassel of the work world of Monday thru Saturday lost freedom captured by a glimps of Good Peppermint tea at Tim Hortons. What a wonderful drive home.

Sparklie, via



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