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Baby's First Road Trip

Noah was born on a hot, humid, rainy day at the end of July in 2008. It was the happiest day of our lives! After a difficult pregnancy that included gestastional diabetes, I couldn't wait to bring our little boy home and introduce him to the world. After 18 hours of labour, I was drained and exhausted but my midwife said that we were safe to go home only a few hours after Noah's birth. My first question was, "Can I please stop for an Ice Capp on the way home?" The Gestational Diabetes had put me on an extremely strict diet for the past 12 weeks and the heat of the summer had had me craving Iced Capp for what seemed like forever! The midwife looked at me and said, "You certainly deserve it - It's been a long day!" So, we left the hospital and began Noah's first road trip ever. My husband had never driven so cautiously, especially as he pulled into the drive thru at Tim Horton's and ordered up my special treat! What a reward! He exclaimed, "Noah, they'll be many more road trips like this one - Your Mommy loves her Timmy's!" A half hour later, finally home and tucked into bed, I enjoyed my Iced Capp and knew I would never forget Noah's first trip to Tim Horton's... before he even made it home for the very first time.

Noah-sMom, via


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