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Tim Hortons Promposal

Earlier this week, a boy who is not usually very sweet asked the girl of his dreams to prom. His name is Ben Curry and her name is Christine Tran. I know both of these students very well and I know that Ben is not the type to do this for anyone which is why I find it heartwarming. Everytime he goes to Tim Hortons, he would buy her her favourite hot drink - half french vanilla, half english toffee or a specialty steeped tea. However, little did she know that this time it meant so much more.. He had gone out of his way to surprise her this lunch time with a promposal. He wrote "Will you go to prom..." on his hand in a way that it would align with ".. with me?" on the lid of the cup when he handed it to her. At first she thought he was asking her to come to Tim Hortons with him so she laughed, until he lifted up his sleeve to reveal the writing on his hand. He asked her to prom in the cafeteria in front of the whole school, and of course she said yes. To her surprise, it was "the sweetest drink she was ever gotten.. literally" , she says. I just thought I should share this sweet and awe-worthy story to everyone. Tim Hortons really is spreading the love with every cup.

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